Understanding Broadband Satellite Internet from Mercury Satellite

About Mercury Satellite Internet

Broadband satellite Internet from Mercury Satellite takes advantage of high tech satellite telecommunications that has been in existence for decades.

While the technology that Mercury Satellite uses is the latest and fastest in satellite Internet, it still works in essentially the same way as its predecessors. Continually improving, broadband satellite Internet continues to be the service of choice for rural Internet users who want high speed.

What’s a Little Distance with Broadband Satellite Internet?

When you use broadband satellite Internet, the information you are seeking is sent in the form of a request from your computer to a satellite in orbit around the earth, approximately 23,000 miles away. This occurs in a matter of seconds. The information is retrieved and a signal containing the data you require is sent back to your computer, covering the 23,000 miles again.

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This great distance is covered very quickly, thanks to ever-improving satellite communications technology. However, it does help users understand the fact that there is a small amount of latency in using satellite Internet. While it is only a fraction of a second, for certain types of fast-twitch Internet uses, like for certain online games, this latency matters. Yet for the vast majority of the things we use the Internet for the speed delivered by Mercury Satellite is perfect.

The other factor that occasionally comes into play with broadband satellite Internet is weather. Covering distances of 23,000 miles twice, it is normal that severe weather could cause problems in communication. Technology has improved greatly in recent years, eliminating much of the weather-related problems with satellite Internet. Today, it truly is only severe weather like thunder, lighting, heavy rain and snow that tend to interrupt service.

Getting Broadband Satellite Internet

If your part of the world allows you a clear view of the southern sky, you can get satellite Internet. That clear view is necessary to send and receive data via the satellite that is being used. When you make the call to order Mercury Satellite service, certified technicians will be sent to install a satellite receiver on or near your home, and connect it using a coaxial cable to a modem attached to your computer. This is all that is required to deliver the high speed broadband satellite Internet service that will allow you to experience the Internet like those in urban areas.

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