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Mercury Satellite: Specialty Rural Internet Providers in Nebraska

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Rural internet providers in Nebraska are a small group, but cutting-edge Mercury Satellite is at the forefront of the pack, bringing high speed internet to every small corner of Nebraska.

Call 1-866-230-3881 Now to Order Satellite internet service.

One of the biggest downfalls of living in small town in Nebraska is the fact that access to high speed internet has been very limited. However, today’s satellite internet service from Mercury Satellite is the fastest, most reliable option available. It delivers speed and connectivity unlike anything other providers can do.

Dialup doesn’t have the capacity to deal with today’s internet requirements. DSL in rural areas is too slow because of distances from central offices. Cable is not even offered outside heavily populated area. That leaves satellite internet, and while there is more than one provider, only one delivers the speed and top notch service that makes them the leading rural internet providers in Nebraska: Mercury Satellite.

Something For Everyone in Nebraska

Mercury Satellite knows the importance of meeting the needs of its customers and that not all rural internet users need the same amount of data or speed. With that in mind, the company offers a variety of different plans to suit your needs. The smallest plans deliver high speed and enough data for light users to enjoy always-on, responsive internet for searching and staying connected. Increasingly larger packages are great for heavier internet users and households with multiple users. These packages are faster with significantly more data availability to let users do even more.

Only the best will do for Mercury Satellite customers. That’s why the company always has its certified technicians take care of complimentary standard installation. This ensures your satellite receiver and service are working optimally from the start. If ever help is required, you can get it easily by contacting our 24/7 customer care center.

Uncovering the World of High Speed Internet

With your super fast rural broadband connection, you get the freedom to explore the internet the way you want to and do the things you have heard about.

  • Stream videos and music for always-available entertainment.
  • Video chat via Skype and other platforms.
  • Share on Facebook or via email.
  • Shop online, web surf or take care of your bills on the web.
  • Replace landlines with VoIP (Voice over internet Protocol).
  • Download documents, software, photos and more.

Mercury Satellite is the leader amongst rural internet providers in Nebraska. With the fastest rural internet service available, it brings you the speed to do everything you might want to do, regardless of geography. Embrace the world of high speed internet in Nebraska today. Call now to learn more!

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